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Below are references to Ruston Academy-related website content, which may be of interest to Ruston staff, alumni and friends.


The Ruston Academy official website was created by Robert Allen, Class of 1946, in the year 1996. In fact, Bob Allen was the editor of the 1946 Columns, demonstrating his publishing talents very early in life.

Since its inception, this site has been the focal point for much internet communications among Rustonians. It also serves to post relevant information and notices about Ruston Reunions and other items of general interest to Rustonians. In addition, items of general interest can be submitted by any member of the Ruston family.

If you have not viewed our official Ruston website yet, make sure you take a stroll and pay a visit. And if you have any information that you think might be of interest to Rustonians, submit this information to Bob, and he will be glad to post it on the official Ruston website. Help keep the Ruston website fresh and vibrant by submitting articles relevant to the Ruston community.

Thanks, Bob, for the many years of volunteer work you have dedicated to keep the Ruston torch alive on the internet!

You can visit the Ruston website by clicking here: Ruston Academy website



In the late 90's, there were several Ruston mini-reunions in Northern California and in South Florida which were documented, along with information about the Ruston Class of '61, by Edgardo Marill, as part of his website. You can view this information by clicking here: Edgardo Marill's Ruston Information on the Web

Several years ago Richard Skilton created a Ruston yahoo group for the purpose of facilitating communications among Rustonians. This yahoo group is still operational, and you can join it by going to and following the instructions to join the group.

If you know of any Ruston-related content of general interest currently available on the internet, please share this information with the publisher and webmaster of the Official Ruston Academy website, so it can be added to Ruston Academy website link section.

It is hoped that, as publishing on the web becomes easier, faster and cheaper, other Rustonians will create new and additional content on the web dealing with Ruston items of general interest, particularly chronicles of a given class year, showing recent pictures and  current information about members of the Ruston family. Links to this emerging web content will be added to the Official Ruston website as they develop. Contact our webmaster.