This yearbook scanning project could never have been completed without the assistance of a dedicated team of volunteers.  First we must acknowledge those who were willing to loan their cherished yearbooks to Chris Baker, who organized the overall project.  These people included: 

Robert Allen
Bill Butler
Ted Viaux
Nat Magruder
Eduardo Martinez
Carmen Rodriguez-Cayro Palmieri
Marvin Shapiro
Rafael Valiente

Next come the three people who worked long and tedious hours to scan each yearbook page by page.  Doris Frank, Pedro Pablo Menendez and Maria Romaņach are the real heroes of this project.  To complete the process they copied a total of 3,315 pages.  The approximate time required to position a yearbook page on the scanner and to scan the page was 3 minutes.  In other words a total of 9,945 minutes or roughly 165 hours of work were invested by these three people in order to create this magnificent collection of memories of Ruston Academy.

Final touches on the project were provided by Edgardo Marill who was responsible for identifying and implementing the best approach and format for making the yearbook CD as user friendly and visually appealing as it is.

All of these individuals committed their skills and time to this project because they shared a common objective.  They wished to make it possible for all Rustonians to have access to the yearbooks which many of them lost when they left Cuba.  Our thanks to these volunteers for this important gift to us all.



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